Autism & Mermaids V’s the Mundane;   Seekin Some Freekin Balance

Elizabeth Strother – March 14th 2016


Balance?  What the heck is that?  Does anyone truly have a good sense of balance between the family, marriage, jobs, hobbies, friends, personal life, etc…   I could imagine someone having balance if all these things went smoothly like warm peanut butter on a piece of whole wheat bread, but how often does that ever happen?  The reality is more like fresh out of the fridge cold peanut butter, or peanut butter where the oils have separated from the nutty paste and must be stirred up to reach some smooth not too oily consistency.  Either way it’s gonna make a mess. The bread will likely be destroyed or saturated in peanut oil, leaving crumbs or peanut oil all over the counter.  Am I right?

Meanwhile as I try to make this PB&J for my adorably loving, and oddly quiet son, there is a torrent of thoughts running wildly through this chaotic seriously un-balanced brain of mine.

“Will he even eat this?  What am I going to have for lunch later? Uhg, why am I so tired… Oh I had a cup of coffee, where did it go? Oh, ‘sigh’ here it is, (takes a sip), dam, its cold.  Hmm it’s awfully quiet out there. Where is the dammed jelly? Hmmm oh yea the sugar free one, hehehe, I’ll get one over on him. Should I just nuke this peanut butter? Dam I’m making another mess.  Oh sh#$% that’s too much.  What is that kid doing? (Peek around corner into living room) Oh good just playing his game. Did I remember to order those shells for the mermaid bra top? When am I going to have time to make those adjustments to my tail?  What time was Liam’s IEP again? Wonder if we’ll have time to…. What the heck was that? Uh oh, melt down time,  put everything on hold, no…… wait……. Oh good, Hubby’s got it handled. I can get back to…. Oh yea I was going to call my Dad. (Picks up phone dials Dad). Now what did I want to tell him about? Oh yea, got to fill him in on the latest non-profit news. Where did my coffee go now, oh yea need to re-heat it. Dam, got the answering machine, oh well I’ll call back later. Oh got to change the laundry, can’t forget again. What is that beeping?  Oh yea, coffee. Now, what was I doing again?  (Spoken aloud, as my son speeds into the kitchen making rocket ship and laser gun noises) Hey kiddo, Whatcha doing? Awesome Lego space ship. Oh yea, your sandwich, hold on Kiddo, it’ll be done in just a minute.” ….What you don’t want a PB&J now? You just said, (looks at clock) like 30 minutes ago that you did. No you may not have cookies instead.  Yes you can have a banana, but what about this sandwich?  Well I guess I’m having a PB&J for lunch.

Then I sit down to eat the sandwich I just made, with my re-heated coffee, and completely forget about the mess I left in the kitchen as I busy myself checking emails and messages on my phone. Until about an hour later from out of the kitchen I hear….

“Really? You have got to be kidding me.  AGAIN?”

I look up from my comfy spot on the couch to see my husband looking at me none too happy about the forgotten mess of bread crumbs and peanut oil scattered and dripped on the kitchen counter and floor.

“Opps. Sorry” Sheepish grin.  I get up to clean it up, he says

“Don’t worry about it, I’m going to do the dishes any way.”

“Thank you hon.”

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Elizabeth. Between my husband who has a varied array of health challenges, our 5 year old son who was recently diagnosed with ADHD, Autism and a new mood disorder known as disruptive mood dis-regulation disorder or (DMDD) and trying to balance a career our finances, and my personal emotional drama…. My life is pretty crazy.

Come back frequently for the next and latest installments of AMVM written by Elizabeth Strother. 2016



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