Hello everyone, I am excited to announce some new exciting things that have happened, and are happening.

First of all my affiliation with the Courtney Sand Castle Charitable Foundation has born some fruit.  Not quite as I had initially thought, but in just as good if not even better ways.  Through CSCCF I was given the opportunity to meet and begin work with Jodi Powell, owner and operator or Little Fishies Swim School.  She and I are creating a Special Fishies program through collaboration with Community Autism Now.  The purposes of this program is to bring aquatic freedom, safety, strengthening and love to special fishies everywhere by working with not only the children, and their parents, but by training other swim instructors, and lifeguards on how to identify and be sensitive towards the needs of our special needs children.

We have so many fun things in the works, for this year…..

October 6th Carnival Colossal Resource Fair at the Vista Hermosa Sports Park.

  • The first few hours of the carnival have been set aside to present a variety of resources for special needs children in Orange County.
  • Rides and attractions will be modified for the sensory sensitive
  • More info coming

October 28th  BOO CRUISE 2016

  • A series of 20 minute cruises though the beautiful Dana Point Harbor – Mini Halloween Parties complete with…* Live entertainment * Costume contests * Raffle ticket prizes * Crafts and goodie bags for kids.


We are also in the process of creating several other events with the Dana point Wharf between now and the end of the year so be sure to keep your eyes open and come back to check out my website for the latest information

Also; coming soon;  warm water spa location for our youngest special fishies, multi-sensory/activity summer camps with enjoyable features for parents and children, surf experience, and lots of opportunities to meet Elseanna Mermaid.

I will be posting more info about these events on this website as well as on my facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/elseannamermaid/



I have enjoyed making jewelry since childhood, but packed it all up once my son Liam was born.  Those of you crafty parents know just how easy it is for a bead or something to go missing only to be found by the ever curious fingers and mouths of toddlers. So I put it all away for a while, and have recently pulled it all back out and begun creating unique one of a kind wire-wrapped gemstone and crystal necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc…..  I will be posting pictures of my creations, and selling them on line soon; just in time for Christmas shopping.  I also do custom orders so if you would like to have something special and unique made for a special someone with their favorite color or gem stones, please let me know.  20% of all proceeds from my jewelry sales goes directly to Community Autism Now to help teach special needs children how to swim and enjoy aquatic freedom and strengthening.

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