Fish for Life Part II

After a wonderful time with Jim Holden and his crew at the last Fish for Life event I was invited back for a repeat, a, part II this past November 11.

This time my fabulous and handsome dive team was Chris Scott, and his son.



This time the water was a bit colder than the nice 70* it had been in early October, but still not too cold for me. though in honesty, there would likely have had to be ice burgs in the water for me not to hop in.  Also this time there were no critters in the water with me….. Well that I could see at least. But I did get momentarily tangled up in some sea weed. While I swam on my back looking up at the side of the rather large DANA PRIDE boat full of excited onlookers, I swam headlong into a huge mass of sea weed, and had to kind of flop over it.

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I could have lingered there in the water splashing around for quite a while longer, but alas it was time to hoist myself up onto the boat and head to the harbor.

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After we got to to the wharf……

I was greeted by several excited and special people.

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For pictures of the whole event and info about Fish For Life please visit



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