WOW, this year is moving along quickly. How are you?  I hope all of you are doing well.  It is time for a little revamp here, some new pics etc… and to fill you in on some recent updates. so the question is where to start? For one, I got my new tail.

After some work I did in December with the Dana Point Harbor Association and OC Parks, in the Dana Point Harbor, my parents where so impressed that they unexpectedly helped me get my new tail,  which I designed and ordered from Mer-Nation in Florida. They were awesome and fast. I got may new tail in time for my birthday in February this year which was a big plus.

I got invited to be on the KTLA Morning news on March 3rd as a preview of what to expect at this years Festival of whales in Dana Point. So I climbed out of bed at 4 am to be at the beach at 5 am. If you have read any previous blogs, you know that I am really NOT a morning person, but for a chance to be on the news, I was up, at the beach and in may tail by 6:30 am. Which is generally when my alarm first goes off, and then gets snoozed 3-4 times.

dark ktla news16996449_1562318277142468_4649090049786552602_nKTLA Morning News16938576_1562386023802360_2841787635426288459_n

Here is the link to the news segments. I will be able to post the video soon, but not yet. I need to upgrade first.

Festival of Whales

I had never seen the sun come up over Dana Point before, and while it was a bit cold (somewhere in the 40*s-50*s) and I nearly froze my tail off for the first few hours but it eventually began to warm up and I was able to relax in the morning sunshine.

I also had a little photo shoot down in San Diego with Larry Kuechlin.


On March 5th I worked at the Festival of Whales, and had a blast. Unfortunately my poor back drop did not hold up well with the wind and eventually the rain.  I was fortunately rescued by Lou, who works with the South County Water District.

I have a few pics from this event and will post them soon.

As far as events that I have had the honor to be a part of as Elseanna, That’s about it. In terms of the Non-Profits I work with, CAN, changed to CAN DBA Special Fishies aquatic Strengthening and Education at the beginning of the year as Jodi Powel of Little Fishies swim school was voted in as the new president.  Due to differences of opinion and as Elseanna begins to gain more and more popularity, I decided it was time to step down from the board so that I can focus my attentions on family and Elseanna. I will soon likely also step down off the board of Courtney Sand Castle Charitable foundation so I can focus on going back to school to get my masters and teaching credential in Adapted Physical Education.

OK. If you have read this far, I am surprised.  Feel free to leave me a message to say hi or ask a question.

Eli out.



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