About Me

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Strother.  I am a native raised Californian, ocean loving, water baby. And so is my son.

I grew up when there was little understanding of the Autism Spectrum, ADHD or other similar, so called, disorders. My parents were told when I was a child that I was not likely to ever be a normal functioning member of society. But with immeasurable help, lots of confusion, frustration and a few mistakes from private and community resources I managed to surpassed expectations. Though I still would not be considered normal by some standards, and I am proud of that.  I want to give back to the world, but in a new and creative way.

In 2014 I earned two Bachelor of Arts degrees; Applied Behavioral Science, and Sociology. For a while I was the Vice- President and Director of Public Relations for the local Orange County Non-Profit, COMMUNITY AUTISM NOW which changed hands at the beginning of 2017 and is going in a new direction. I also held a board position with the COURTNEY SAND CASTLE CHARITABLE FOUNDATION to create events in their park at the Vista Hermosa Sports Park in San Clemente Ca, for special needs kids. Now I am branching off on my own a little bit more so that I can focus on creating something new.  I have been working with other programs throughout orange county including Fish For Life, Jellybean Street, and more to come, including I hope the Ocean Institute.

I am currently the Aquatics Coach at R. H. Dana Elementary, Exceptional Needs Facility in Dana Point, and I love it.  It is the best job in the world.  I Plan on getting credentialed in Adapted P.E. in the fall of this year as there is not yet a credential for adapted aquatics. From there I intend to continue my education towards more a Aquatic Therapy direction.

Through the summer months I teach private swim lessons throughout orange county, excluding San Clemente.  If you are in San Clemente and are looking for swim lessons, let me refer you to Little Fishies Swim School based in San Clemente.

I have been passionate about working with children, and all things mermaid since I was young and have discovered a unique way to merge my passions.

Turning fantasy into reality I entertain, teach, and encourage children as Elseanna, the Irish Mermaid.  Using truths from my own life, I created the story of Elseanna Mermaid to help children realize what makes them different from others is what makes them unique and special. I hope to help children of all abilities to not let their differences hold them back from realizing and reaching their true potential.

My amazing son, Liam, who was diagnosed with ADHD, High Functioning Autism/Asperger’s and Disruptive Mood Dis-regulation Disorder, (DMDD) was and continues to be a huge inspiration and motivator to me.

I am also a certified Water Safety Instructor and CPR and First Aid certified.


About Elseanna Mermaid

Elseanna was found on the shores of Ireland, and raised by a loving but stern couple who couldn’t have children of their own.

As she grew up it became obvious that something was different about Elseanna. She was not like other children. She didn’t talk much, or communicate like other children. She seemed to prefer dramatic gestures to verbal communication. Elseanna was also very sensitive to certain sounds, smells, and various textures, Some she loved intensely, but others would send her into a frenzy of panic.

It often seemed as though she was in, or from another world altogether.

One night, quite suddenly, as the ocean water rushed over her feet, realized why she had felt so different all these years.  There was nothing wrong with her after all, she was simply a mermaid.  Yes she was different, but that difference made her unique, and beautiful.

And now here she is sharing the confidence that she has learned with other children who are, and or feel different from their peers.

Elseanna specializes in working with special needs children of all abilities.