Swim Lessons & Adapted Aquatics


Lessons are generally 30-45 minutes long, beginning with a warm up and ending in a cool down play time.  Lessons can be taught in your home pool, community pool or my community pools. I am also trained in several therapeutic techniques to help set and reach goals unique to your child and his or her strengths.

I am fully Red Cross Water Safe Instructor, and CPR/1st Aid Certified.

I also carry full liability INS as well to make doubly sure that you and yours are safe and well cared for.

The relationship between swim instructor and student can often be a fragile one which is why building a relationship of trust with you and your children is of the utmost importance, next to safety. With a solid foundation of trust between student and teacher, there is no end to what can be achieved.


Trial / Mini Lesson  –  $25

Not sure how your child will take to swim lessons or a new instructor? Try out a trial or mini lesson that is only 20 minutes long.   This is a good way to begin building a trust based relationship with you and your little one(s).


Mom & Pop / Tot Lessons  –  $55 per lesson or  $200 for 4 lessons

Hop in the water with your little one(s) and I will show you fun filled techniques designed encouraging a lifelong love of swimming. We will start with the building blocks of safety, including self-awareness and breathing/not breathing and back floating; while building confidence in you and your little one(s) abilities in the water.

Get 3 or more families involved and get a %20 discount per family per lesson.


Private Individual lessons  –  $45 per lesson  –  $200 for 5 lessons  –  $400 for 10 lessons

One child at a time gets my full attention to create goals unique to each child and build the skills to enable your child(ren) to be strong and independent swimmers.


Group lessons  –  see level based group prices below 

For 3-5 children; you can either create your own groups or join an existing group.

Existing groups are subject to the availability and interest; must have 3 children for a group swim.  Otherwise two groups close in ability may be combined.  All children in group lessons must be semi-self sufficient or able to float with a flotation devise.

Beginning Guppies group $30 per child

Floating Stars group $25 per child

Stream-liners $20 per child

Beginning Competitive $30 per child


Strength and balance building $55 per Lesson – $200 for 4 Lessons – $400 for 9 lessons

Some little ones may need a little extra help in preparing for actual swim lessons, or may not be able to technically swim on their own due to a physical impairment.  But DO NOT let that stop you from getting lessons that will encourage aquatic freedom. I work on muscle building, trunk stabilization, and balance building; with hopes that they will be able to effectively move themselves through the water in their own unique way.  This is a more therapy based approach utilizing techniques from several evidence based therapeutic methods.

Often additional flotation equipment may be used for added safety and to help build confidence.


Adult Aqua-robics  –  $35 per session –  $125 for 4 sessions

For adults with health challenges and/or difficulties which affect their muscles, range of motion, stability, and balance; come enjoy an hour of Ai-Chi based Aqua aerobics designed to build and maintain muscle tone, increase strength, stamina, and overall well being.  We begin with a nice and slow warm up, and end with a relaxing float.


Group Adult Aqua-robics  –  $20 per person/session  or $75 for 4 sessions

Schedules coming soon for sessions with 3 or more participants.



Additional sibling discount

$15 off per sibling

Paying in Cash

%10 discount

Returning Clients

%15 discount

Be sure to ask about other discounts and resources available for those with financial difficulties.

No child should have to go without swim lessons because of money.

Feel free to write a review, leave a comment, ask a question etc… I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you very much.

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